Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blog Post #5 (Final PLN)

Twitter logoI started using my PLN at the beginning of the class, but I had never heard of the term before I began the summer semester. If you're not sure if you can start your own PLN, just simply try Twitter. It's not the only tool that you can use for a PLN, but it's very effective and it's my personal favorite. Twitter is such a great and powerful social media tool and it lets you communicate with people all over the world effortlessly. When I began my own PLN, I was unsure about it and I wasn't used to it, but it gradually grew on me and I started really enjoying the small amounts of information a couple times a day that came directly to my phone.

PLN's are so helpful when growing as a teacher and a learner. There are so many available information everyday so I can prepare for my own classroom one day. PLN's can also be helpful for teachers to exchange strategies and lesson plans! One of my personal favorite twitter accounts to follow is @edutopia. They post great tips and motivational quotes often. I'll definitely be using my PLN that I've created for this class further on as I finish college and start my career.

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