Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blog Post #10 What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

Image of Student using laptop in a group project with other students

In Little Kids...Big Potential, Mrs. Cassidy's first grade students learn how to properly post on a blog through pictures and videos. They also learn about wiki's and safely navigating the internet. It's so interesting how these first graders are able to use that level of technology and are narrating their own pictures of what they are doing in the classroom. The video also allows parents of the students see the kind of progress their children are making.

There are three video clips from Dr. Strange's interview with Mrs. Kathy Cassidy. The first video Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 1, Mrs. Cassidy and Dr. Strange discuss the student's privacy when Mrs. Cassidy mentions them in a class picture or a photo of them on her blog. She never puts their last name or links their first name to their picture. She also talks about starting her own webpage ten years ago and a blog five years ago and how she incorporates technology in the classroom.

In Part 2 of the three part interview, Mrs. Cassidy speaks about how much twitter has changed her habits on social media, especially towards education. Twitter is a great tool for a personal learning network and Mrs. Cassidy mentions how she was unsure about using it at first but grew to really like it when she followed more people and they posted links to technology tips and websites she could visit.

In Part 3, Dr. Strange let's some of his EDM 310 students ask Mrs. Cassidy questions about teaching students about blogging and technology. She discusses plagiarism and that teachers in her school show students how to cite their sources correctly so they know not to copy other people's work or ideas. Mrs. Cassidy answers a question about internet safety and how she teaches her students about websites they are not allowed to visit that aren't educational.

Dr. Strange and Mrs. Cassidy's interview was very interesting and I was able to see her perspective on technology in the classroom. It's fascinating to me that children nowadays are using technology like blogging and recording their audio and video to make videos for class and it makes me wonder what the average classroom will be like ten years from now. Technology is constantly evolving and like Mrs. Cassidy said part one of her interview with Dr. Strange, it's here to stay and educators have to adapt to it.


  1. It is amazing that these young children can use technology so well. Thinking about what education will be like in 10 years really made me think "WOW." Mrs. Cassidy was very brave to take on technology and start all of this on her own. I would be scared to take on such tasks alone, and being unsure of how others would respond. Online safety is so important to me and the methods Mrs. Cassidy uses is definitely some guidelines I will use in my own classroom.

  2. I agree its so amazing to me how these little kids catch on so fast. Here I am, an adult who thinks I can do anything and I have a hard time figuring out how to post a video. Mrs. Cassidy made some great points in her videos I really enjoyed them.